Eight Ways To Beautify Your Yard


Many people purchase homes with yards but don't know how to turn those yards into gorgeous retreats. Here are eight things you can do to beautify your yard. 

1. Paint rocks. This is a simple and cheap way to decorate. You can paint them with glow-in-the-dark paint and line your walkways or put them in outdoor fountains. You can paint them with chalkboard paint (though be aware that what you write on them will wash away with water). You can paint them white and then stencil pictures or letters on them. Chances are you already have some in your yard so you might as well decorate with them!

2. Purchase some outdoor pottery. You can plant herbs or flowers in them, fill them with pinecones, use them as outdoor trash cans, or use them as storage. There are many fun holiday pots, as well. If you purchase them after the holiday has passed you can get some great deals. 

3. Buy a hummingbird feeder. These darling birds will beautify any yard! They are fun to watch and easy to attract. Once they discover your feeder they will come back again and again.

4. Plant bug-repelling herbs. There are many plants that discourage bugs from bugging you. Try:

  • Basil to repel flies and mosquitos
  • Chamomile to repel all flying insects
  • Fennel to repel snails, slugs, and aphids
  • Lavender to repel mosquitos, flies, moths, and fleas
  • Spearmint to repel rodents, beetles, ants, fleas, and aphids 
  • Lemon Thyme to repel mosquitos

The herbs will also look beautiful, smell great, and taste delicious in your cooking.

5. Purchase some swings. If you purchase sturdy ones, even adults can swing on them. You don't have to swing to enjoy sitting on them, though swinging can help you relax and feel carefree. 

6. Decorate your deck. There are many outdoor rugs, plants, tablecloths, chairs, weatherproof art, and other decorations to choose from. They are built to withstand tough weather and will beautify your deck. Think of it as an extra room and decorate it accordingly. 

7. Create privacy. You will feel a lot more comfortable outside if you feel like your neighbors aren't watching you. You can plant trees or tall plants, put up a decorative fence or pergola, or build some lattice. 

8. Build a water feature. You can do something simple like run water through a pot or go crazy and build a small stream through your yard. The noise from the water will cover noises from the city and help you relax while outdoors. 

If you spend some time and money on your yard, you will be able to turn it into a beautiful, relaxing oasis. Good luck!


25 November 2014

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