How To Make Your Lawn The Talk Of The Block


Do you pride yourself on having the best looking house around? If so, then you probably know that getting your neighbors talking doesn't just require sprucing up your home but the surrounding area as well, including your lawn. In fact, if you want people to talk about your home, you will first need to make your lawn the talk of the block. Here are three ways you can do just that while being classy and having fun at the same time:

Construct A Stone Pathway and Surround It With Shrubbery

Stone pathways look very elegant, and if you use one of them in your lawn design going all the way up to your front door, you will make the whole area of your home look inviting. If you add rows of hedges or shrubbery on the left and right of the pathway, this will make the path look even more elegant and will provide a defined walkway that people all around your neighborhood will be talking about for quite some time.

Plant Beautiful Flowers and Maintain Your Lawn

One of the most basic ways to get people talking about your lawn is to plant flowers in various colors that are bright and attractive. These should be planted in flowerbeds either right along the beginning of your lawn or up against the house so that they really set off the looks of the rest of the area. Of course, you should also maintain your lawn by watering it regularly, mowing it on a frequent basis, and just making sure that it looks good all the way around.

Cut An Interesting Design Into The Grass

If you really want to get people talking about your lawn, then you might want to consider cutting an interesting design into your grass. Something like a smiley face, a peace sign, or something really unique and intricate that isn't seen as offensive in any way will work just fine.This will get people talking about your lawn, and you might even make more friends as a result.

If you are committed to making your lawn the talk of the block, then follow the three tips listed above. You can implement them yourself, or with the help of a professional lawn service. Doing so will attract attention to your home, make people see that you really care about your lawn, and potentially even cause them to come over and talk to you. Following the above tips is also a great way to be seen as someone who can give great lawn care advice, so you are bound to make all kinds of friends if you do these things.


27 January 2015

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