Brighten Your Space Efficiently And Affordably - Preparing For Sod Installation


Whether you own a humble home or a sprawling office complex, it's natural that you'll look for ways to spruce up your landscaping. Having sod professionally installed can be a great way to do so, but you need to be sure that you protect that investment. Having sod laid without proper preparation can waste both your time and money and lead to huge frustrations

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should take for preparing your outdoor space for sod installation. By following these suggestions, you can be sure that you achieve the look you want while simultaneously guaranteeing an effective and efficient installation.


Nothing is more frustrating in sod installation than finding out you haven't ordered enough product. Once the sod is ordered, cut, and delivered, it can be difficult to find more that matches the exact blend you've selected. It'll also often be installed after a delay, creating some risk of uneven patches that will prevent your lawn from achieving its best look.

An old maxim in carpentry suggests that you should measure twice and cut once, and this is doubly true for sod installation. You should be sure that you've completely and thoroughly measured the square areas you're looking to cover, and you should also consult with your installation company about the percentage extra you should order to guarantee irregular areas are covered.

Debris Clearing

Sod is generally shipped in long strips on natural blankets and laid down over flat ground. In order for it to adhere properly to your soil, you need to make sure that rocks, gravel, sticks, and other potentially contaminating debris are fully cleared away from the area you're looking to spruce up.

This may also involve having to patch major divots or potholes in your lawn. You want your sod to achieve a smooth, even look, and dips or divots in the profile of your ground will interrupt your chosen pattern and can even cause uneven growth that will be unsightly.

Soil Preparation

Once the land is clear, you need to be sure that your soil is fully prepared. You'll need to grade the soil to guarantee maximum water runoff, and prepare it to accept new planting. The soil will often need to be thoroughly tilled and aerated to make sure it's in its best condition. Your installation company will also be able to suggest the proper fertilizer and grass food that will guarantee your sod installation looks fresh and well maintained for years to come. Talk to people like California Sod Center for more information.


17 February 2015

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